Travelling with Dogs: Preparing for Motel Accommodation

Proper preparation is essential if you are planning on travelling with your dog and staying in a motel. Poor planning will result in discomfort for the canine, and you might experience a lot of stress during the trip. Also, if you do not understand good hotel etiquette for pet hotel stays, you might end up with unforeseen additional accommodation charges. If you are preparing for your first trip, here are some crucial preparation guidelines for a dog-friendly motel stay

Research on Motel Policies

When planning to travel with your dog, you should always research the motel policies before confirming your reservation. Ideally, you should choose an accommodation spot which allows guests to stay with their pets. Sneaking in your dog is disrespectful to the proprietors and could have negative legal and financial implications. Once you confirm pet-friendliness, you should inquire about the pet regulations imposed by management.

Some establishments might have rules on the number of dogs which a person can have in their room. Others might have restrictions on certain types or sizes of dogs. You should make sure that your pet will be allowed to enter legally. You should also note that some motels will charge pets for the accommodation. If this is the case in your selected spot, you should ensure that you have all the details on payment plans and security deposits.

Consider Pet Health

You should think about the health status of your dog for the sake of the other motel guests and the pet. In general, when preparing for your first trip, you should consult your veterinarian. Make sure that your dog is up-to-date on their vaccinations for protection against contagious diseases. The hotel management will most likely want to see the evidence of immunisation before allowing the dog into the establishment. Also, you should ensure that the dog has been treated for fleas because these parasites can be problematic during travel. 

Pack the Pet's Essentials

Finally, you should make certain that the dog enjoys some familiarity during the motel stay. Canine creatures can become uncomfortable and restless in alien environments. You should carry the pet's crate as well as some familiar toys and blankets. You should also bring the regular food that the dog enjoys at home. Some pets can get stomach upsets due to changes in diets. Additionally, make sure that you carry a collapsible bowl for water.

For more information on hotel accommodations, contact a local hotel.

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