Top Tips When Choosing Holiday Accommodation.

Holidays are the best time to enjoy the company of your loved ones as you unwind and refresh your mind. The article below discusses the various types of accommodation and considerations to make when planning holiday accommodation.


Motels are perfect when travelling by road. Choose a motel located close to the highway and facilities such as banks and shopping malls. Inspect the condition of the room. Does the door lock? Are the sheets clean? What is the condition of the bathroom? Some motels will provide extra amenities such as Wi-Fi and cable television. Ask for a discount if you rent several rooms. 


Hotels are the most popular type of accommodation. Below are a few tips to help you choose a hotel;  

  • Choose strategic rooms with balconies facing the ocean or other physical features.
  • If you are certain about your travel dates, book during the low season to benefit from low rates and discounts.
  • For long term stays, choose a hotel with recreational facilities such as a swimming pool, bar, gym, library, and children parks.
  • Opt for eco-friendly hotels that are keen on sustainable business practices such as energy and water efficiency.
  • Take advantage of loyalty programs if you are a frequent traveller.


Hostels are your best option when travelling on a budget. When staying at a hostel, you will share accommodation with other tourists. As such, you can interact and form friendships with other travellers. Check the hostel's rating and reviews from a few independent websites. Some facilities are affiliated with religious organisations and may, therefore, restrict activities such as alcohol consumption. Reduce your travel expenses by making food at the hostel.   

Holiday Parks

Holiday parks provide the ultimate camping experience. At the park, you can choose to stay at a cottage or in your RV. Your main concerns when choosing a holiday park should be; 

  • What activities can you enjoy at the park? Fishing and water sport enthusiasts would want a camp located close to a water body. Hikers would prefer a camp situated close to gorges and mountains.
  • Accessibility. You may need an ATV or SUV to access holiday parks located far from the main road.
  • If you intend to travel with your kids, choose a park with facilities such as swimming pools and children parks.
  • Inquire about the park's terms and conditions. For instance, if you intend to hold a party, ask about the camp's noise policy.

Planning your holiday accommodation should not be difficult with the tips above. The secret is to take your time, research, and listen to your family's opinion before booking. 

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